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Dennis Stover, Ph. D. - Edmond, Oklahoma
"The uranium resources of northern Arizona are an extremely critical fuel source for true green house emissions reductions in the U. S. while simultaneously fueling the growth of electrical generation capacity. Only with a revitalized nuclear power generating industry do we get the electrical power increases so vital to industrial and, hence, jobs growth."

Senator Jim Mack - Tempe, Arizona
"I have worked on this most worthwhile and needed resource for many years (since the 1970's). It represents more than energy independence that we so desperately need to attain for our great country but for Arizona it means community support and jobs that are both lacking in northern Arizona and southern Utah. Uranium mining in the area has been and continues to be successful and very well done with regards to both the business for the community and the successful care put fourth by these mining companies for the protection of the environment and concern for the natural resource."

R. O'Hara - Golden, Colorado

LKP - Colorado
"It is important to continue to mine uranium in northern Arizona, just as it is important to continue to mine all natural resources in the U.S. We have to import far too many resources from countries that would love to see the U.S. fall. We must work to help America regain her strength and to keep her strong."

James P. Vroman - Tucson, Arizona

Kris Hefton - Tucson, Arizona

Fleetwood R. Koutz - Reno, Nevada

Lawrence G. Dykers - Tucson, Arizona
"...uranium mining [is] the most well known and studied of all metal [recovery systems]. As such, the containment, tracking and protections are well documented and it is quite easy to assess the effectiveness thereof. It is ironic that one of the environmentally safer mining processes engender the most public animosity!"

Nyal Niemuth - Phoenix, Arizona
"Glad to learn of your website!"

Judy Pratt - Lakewood, Colorado

Todd Bingham - Utah Mining Association - Salt Lake City, Utah
Karl Sandwell-Weiss - Tucson, Arizona

Joe Scyphers - Bozeman, Montana

Jonathan DuHamel - Tucson, Arizona

W.S. Zeitler - Sun City, Arizona

Jay Mackelprang - Fredonia, Arizona
"Northern Arizona is a depressed area and any industry that we can get is of benefit, especially with clean energy."

Robert C Johnson - Tucson, Arizona

Norman Schwab - Denver, Colorado

Leavitt Arnold - Tucson, Arizona

Robert A. Metz - Tucson, Arizona

ESB - Denver, Colorado
"I wish those who are 'afraid' of mining, uranium and nuclear power would take the time and effort to educate themselves about the FACTS instead of relying on the misinformation (deliberate or otherwise) that fuels the general public's perception."

Robert Pratt - Tucson, Arizona

Dick Zimmermann - Tempe, Arizona

Gregory Yount - Chino Valley, Arizona
ACERT or another mining organization should help write new legislation to specifically allow uranium mining in northern Arizona as set forth in the Arizona Strip Wilderness Act. Should control of The House of Representatives go to the Republicans, it should be a priority to encourage legislative action to preserve uranium mining in northern Arizona.

Daniel Watson - Fredonia, Arizona
I have seen the reclaimed mines in Northern Arizona. The mining companies did an excellent job of reclaiming theses lands to their original state. Uranium mining is a very important industry in this area and to stop mining a clean source of energy and to remove the much needed jobs that come with mining during this time of economic need makes no sense at all.

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