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Where will the clean energy come from to power this in the future? Nuclear energy and the uranium that fuels it are part of the clean energy we need now and in the future. Action Alert - Click here to learn more about what you can do now! Action Alert Voicing your opinion RIGHT NOW in support of mining can make a big difference during currently impending government actions..
The American Clean Energy Resources Trust (ACERT) is a coalition of concerned private citizens who, together with uranium exploration and mining companies, believe in the importance of maintaining a viable and environmentally responsible minerals industry that will continue to benefit the economic health and long range energy security of the United States.

Our mission is to inform and educate both the public at large and our elected representatives about the multiple benefits of clean, affordable nuclear energy and the consequent need for continued domestic uranium exploration, mining and processing.

We encourage you to learn more about what ACERT stands for and how it came into being.

Another reclaimed uranium mine. Can you tell exactly where it was? No? Neither can anyone else.
This northern Arizona locale was once the site of an active uranium mine that produced close to a million pounds of uranium ore. After being thoroughly reclaimed, it is no different than the area surrounding it. Can you tell where the mine shaft was once located? No again? Neither can most geologists, environmentalists or miners! 

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This scene exemplifies the raw and majestic beauty of that part of Arizona north of the Grand Canyon known as the Arizona Strip. But in the 1980's, the very same locale seen in this photo was the site of active uranium mines that produced millions of pounds of high grade uranium ore. When mining was completed, the site was completely and thoroughly reclaimed and the ensuing years have returned it to the same magnificent splendor of the untouched land around it. Can you tell where the mine shafts were once located? No? Neither can most geologists, environmentalists or miners! Click on the picture above for a larger image.
The story of how this land was mined and then completely and thoroughly reclaimed is detailed in a video titled A New Standard Uranium Mining Reclamation produced by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). It explores the realities of uranium mining and land reclamation in northern Arizona as it has been accomplished over the past thirty years as well as the benchmark model that it has become for the future. It presents both historical fact and irrefutable documentation of the actual work of many of the very same individuals still involved with uranium mining in northern Arizona today.

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